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The Pedal Box From DTE

The Pedal Box From DTE

The throttle controller Pedal Box from DTE optimizes the accelerator characteristics of modern vehicles and unlocks their full potential. It reacts much faster to incoming signals from the accelerator pedal and allows drivers to speed up and overtake more easily.

With the PedalBox, drivers can choose from four user-selectable programs for various driving conditions and situations. These programs are all fine-tuned for each vehicle by PerfecTune, an integrated self-learning auto-calibration.

Faster acceleration

The Pedal Box plugs in between your pedal and the accelerator’s control module, transforming the signal sent by the pedal into a readable one. This allows the ECU to react to the signal faster.

The result is a faster acceleration, which is noticeably noticeable when coming off corners or roundabouts. The lag that used to delay the response is completely gone, allowing you to accelerate much quicker.

DTE’s PedalBox improves the acceleration of modern vehicles with an electronic accelerator pedal. It optimizes the reaction time and unlocks the vehicle’s full potential.

The PedalBox comes in two flavors; an app-enabled version and a standard non-Bluetooth model. Each one offers a range of program settings designed to suit different driving situations and preferences.

More power

The pedal box is a small device that plugs into the car’s accelerator pedal and allows greater adjustability with more direct access to your car’s natural power. The Pedal box eliminates throttle lag which makes the car feel more alive and responsive.

The Pedal Box comes with three user-selectable modes, City, Sport, and Sport Plus, and can be fine-tuned to 7 different levels in each mode. The Pedal Box also has a memory function that remembers your last used setting.

In my experience the Pedal Box doesn’t give you any more power, however, it does make your car feel far more responsive and agile. With the Pedal box on the car’s throttle pedal feels like cotton wool or a sponge under your foot which translates to more responsiveness and acceleration when you want it.

Easier to control

The throttle and brake pedals are the two main control points of a vehicle, and both of these pedals require precision to operate correctly. If they don’t respond accurately to your foot inputs, the result is an unresponsive car that’s much harder to drive and puts you at an even greater risk of crashing.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. Pedal box systems are available in the market that connects to the factory pedal harness and removes all the delays.

These pedal boxes are designed to increase throttle response by removing these delays, which in turn enhances driveability. These units are also easy to install and come with four user-selectable programs.

Moreover, these units can be operated via a mobile device. The Pedalbox app allows you to select and control the central functions of these units, with the use of Bluetooth technology.

Enhanced safety

Pedals are an integral part of the driving experience, and having a set that is responsive and fast can make a world of difference. A slow or unresponsive set of pedals can result in a sluggish, unresponsive car, or worse, a panicked series of stabs down at the brakes as you careen off the road.

The pedal box, or PedalBox as it is known by many, is a high-security lockable box designed and developed to offer maximum protection against vehicle theft by blocking access to all of the vehicle’s pedal controls. It is constructed from high grade steel and finished with a highly visible yellow durable powder coat, and features an incorporated lock that can secure the device to the vehicle.

Using a multifaceted approach, the pedal box was designed to meet multiple requirements, and has some features that are worthy of the accolade of “the best.” For example, its LED lighted display will show you all of the available information on the box, while its magnetic mounts will enable you to secure the device to the car. The PedalBox can be used on any car that is capable of mounting the unit.

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