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The Benefits Of Automated Perimeter Security Systems

The Benefits Of Automated Perimeter Security Systems

To fully understand the benefits of automated perimeter security systems, let’s first look at what we mean by perimeter security systems and how automation can ensure your premises are secure and protected from issues.  

Creating appropriate protection

Appropriate perimeter security allows pedestrians and vehicles safe and controlled entry and exit to areas when you want them to, using permanent or temporary fixtures such as bollards, barriers, and sliding gates. There are many to choose from when looking to purchase perimeter security solutions for your premises and property. Companies such as Hörmann are experts in manufacturing perimeter security solutions for industrial and private properties in over 100 worldwide locations, meaning you are getting in front of the right people when it comes to all things perimeter security. 

It’s possible to have everything you need without compromising quality or appearance for commercial properties, homes, and public spaces. Fixed systems can combine with removable or temporary measures to offer flexibility. 


Both electromechanical and integrated hydraulic systems offer low maintenance or oil-free options. Automation or remote control from 50-80m away is possible. When combined with fixed bollards, vehicle entry can be restricted to specific areas. The area can be opened up where it is needed for maximum flexibility without compromising design or safety. Bollards can automatically lower to allow easy access for vehicles over primarily pedestrian areas. Vehicle deliveries or emergency services can be allowed to pass through while stopping the general free flow of traffic.

Emergency Access can be controlled using systems offering fast emergency operation, taking less than 2 seconds to lower or extend. 

Mobile Vehicle Barriers

High-security barriers, tyre killers, and road blockers can be used to slow speed and offer impact energy with and without destruction to the penetrating vehicle, offering versatile choices within perimeter security solutions. For many premises, it is ideal to have barrier access and security gates. For areas with high vehicle traffic, sliding gates may be required to secure the premises when business is closed, yet they are impractical when many vehicles pass through during working hours, in this case, it is appropriate to control traffic by the use of a security barrier. 

Versions that do not require in-ground anchoring are perfect as temporary security for a wide range of outdoor events across different locations.

Tyre killers offer the option to enable controlled one-way traffic and prevent traffic crossing in the opposite direction without vehicle damage, with options for both high and low-volume use.

Sliding Gates

Industrial or residential sliding gates offer high perimeter security to offer a barrier to prevent free movement both in or out of your premises. Automated gates will ensure that entry and exit from your premises are both efficient and controlled

Benefits include

Safety controls are in place for both vehicle and pedestrian movement both into and out of your premises and moving around in areas such as car parks, and pedestrian walkways requiring occasional vehicle access, and providing barriers and gates to protect property from unwanted access or to control visitor entry times. 

Choosing high-quality automated perimeter security systems will ensure that your safety and security remain uncompromised, as each piece is certified to crash test standards to give effective protection in an emergency. A reputable supplier will also provide relevant safety certifications to help you meet welfare and insurance requirements

Perimeter security systems, especially when automated, can mean savings on commercial property insurance costs, demonstrating you have done all you can to protect your property and the people that use it.

When used in conjunction with other perimeter security measures such as tactical radars, sensor fences, cables, and video sensors, automated barriers, bollards, and sliding gates will ensure that your home or commercial property is protected.

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