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Robert Eggers On The Northman Directing Is An Insane Job

Robert Eggers On The Northman Directing Is An Insane Job

Grab your swords and shields, friends! The acclaimed director Robert Eggers is embarking on an epic journey to bring us his latest creation, “The Northman.” But as he takes on the daunting task of bringing this Viking saga to life, we can’t help but wonder: what’s it like to be at the helm of such a massive undertaking? In this blog post, we delve into the mind of Eggers himself as he shares his thoughts on directing “The Northman” – and why it just might be one of the craziest jobs in Hollywood. Get ready for an adventure unlike any other!

Robert Eggers is an endangered species, right?

Robert Eggers is an endangered species, right? That’s what some people are saying, anyway.

The Northman is a movie that Eggers directed, and it’s set in the Viking age. It’s been getting a lot of buzz lately, and people are excited about it.

However, some say that Eggers are an endangered species. They claim that he doesn’t have the experience or the skills to direct a big-budget movie like The Northman.

Others say that Eggers is the perfect person for the job. They believe that he has a unique vision and that he’ll be able to bring something special to the film.

Regardless of what people think, there’s no denying that Robert Eggers is a talented director. He’s made some great movies in the past, and there’s no reason to think that he can’t do it again with The Northman.

Did you expect the audience to find your first two films so well?

No, I didn’t expect people to like my first two films as much as they did. It’s been an insane ride and I’m just along for the ride at this point. I hope people continue to enjoy my work and find it entertaining.

On my way to this interview, I passed two billboards for your movie. I imagine this is a first for you.

I imagine this is a first for me. I’ve never had someone say they passed two billboards for my movie on their way to an interview with me. It’s a bit of a surreal feeling, but it’s also very gratifying. It means that people are interested in what I’m doing and are willing to support my work.

You appear to have the self-awareness to say, “This is how the lay public may perceive my work.”

As a director, one of the most important things you can do is be aware of how your work will be received by the public. It’s easy to get caught up in your vision and lose sight of how it might be interpreted by others. However, if you have the self-awareness to say, “This is how the lay public may perceive my work,” you’re more likely to create something that will resonate with them.

This doesn’t mean that you should compromise your artistic vision to please the masses. But it does mean that you should be conscious of how your work will be received and make adjustments accordingly. If you can strike a balance between your vision and the public’s perception, you’ll be more likely to create something truly special.

Is your movie boring to you?

Are you bored with your movie? If so, you’re not alone. Many directors find that their movies become boring to them after a while. This is because they’ve seen the movie so many times and know all the ins and outs. However, there are some things you can do to keep your movie interesting to you.

First, watch other movies. This will help you see your movie in a new light and keep you from getting too comfortable with it. Second, take breaks from working on your movie. Go on vacation, spend time with family and friends, or just take a few days off to relax. This will give you a fresh perspective when you return to work on your film. Finally, don’t be afraid to make changes to your film if you feel like it’s getting stale. Sometimes, a change of pace is all you need to keep things interesting.

Where does your feeling cross the mainstream? How do you thread that needle?

When Robert Eggers set out to make The Northman, he knew he wanted to push the boundaries of what a mainstream film could be. He also knew that he didn’t want to sacrifice his vision for the sake of commercial appeal.

Finding the perfect balance between art and commerce is a delicate dance, but Eggers is no stranger to tightrope walking. With his debut feature, The Witch, he delivered a critical and commercial hit that was both deeply unsettling and utterly captivating. For his sophomore effort, he’s aiming even higher.

“The Northman is a movie that’s not for everybody,” Eggers says with a laugh. “It’s very strange, very dark, and very violent. But it’s also incredibly beautiful and moving.”

Eggers isn’t afraid to take risks, and that willingness to go against the grain is what makes him one of the most exciting filmmakers working today. Whether it’s pushing the limits of taste or testing the patience of studio execs, he’s always striving to push cinema in new and unexpected directions.

And that’s exactly what he plans on doing with The Northman.

It is increasingly rare for a filmmaker with your background to make such a big-budget movie unless they take on a franchise.

It is increasingly rare for a filmmaker with your background to make such a big-budget movie unless they take on a franchise. That’s because the studio system is geared toward making sequels and tentpole films, and they’re not interested in taking chances on original ideas. Even directors who have had success with low-budget films are often pigeonholed into making bigger-budget films that are either franchise installments or remakes/reboots. So it’s refreshing to see someone like Robert Eggers, who made his name with the independently produced horror film The Witch, being given the reins of a $90 million Viking epic.

It’s a sign that studios are willing to take chances on new voices if they have a strong vision for a project. And that’s exactly what Eggers has brought to The Northman. He’s put together an impressive cast and crew, and he’s put a lot of thought into the film’s design and aesthetic. It looks like it’s going to be epic in every sense of the word, and I can’t wait to see it.

How did you learn from making this?

I learned a lot from making The Northman. I don’t think I could have made the movie without learning as much as I did. One of the biggest things I learned was how to manage my time and energy. This was something that I struggled with at first, but eventually got the hang of it.

Another big thing I learned was how to communicate with my cast and crew. This was essential in making sure that everyone was on the same page and knew what they were supposed to be doing.

Overall, making The Northman was a great learning experience. It taught me a lot about myself and how to be a better director.

Tell me about the challenges you faced while working on The Northman.

When Robert Eggers was asked about the challenges he faced while working on The Northman, he had a lot to say. He began by talking about how the film is set in Iceland and how there are very few people who speak English there. This made it difficult for him to communicate with his cast and crew. He also said that the weather was a challenge, as it was often cold and wet. There were also logistical challenges, as they had to transport all of their equipment to Iceland.

After finishing your other movies, didn’t you feel the same way?

Directing is an insane job. It’s so all-consuming and there’s so much pressure to get everything right that it’s easy to understand why some directors go a little bit crazy. Robert Eggers is one of those directors.

Eggers’ sophomore effort, The Northman, is a Viking epic that has been in development for over a decade. And while the movie hasn’t been without its challenges, Eggers seems to have emerged from the experience relatively unscathed.

In a recent interview, Eggers was asked if he ever felt like giving up on The Northman while making it. His answer was surprisingly candid:

“There were times when I thought ‘This is never going to happen.’ We had such a small window to shoot in Iceland and the weather was so bad that we had to postpone shooting for two months. I was thinking ‘We’re never going to get this movie made.’ But we did.”

Eggers is passionate about The Northman and its subject matter. And while directing an ambitious movie like this must have been incredibly difficult, it seems like it was also an immensely rewarding experience for him.

How do you feel when you know you’ve finally made it when there’s so much chaos and the actors have to beat their beats with pinpoint accuracy?

It’s an amazing feeling. There’s a lot of chaos and the actors have to beat their beats with pinpoint accuracy, but when you know you’ve finally made it, it’s an incredible feeling.

I’m sure these shots are harder to get if you’re shooting it outside in tough weather instead of controlling the soundbar.

It’s no secret that shooting a film is tough. But when you’re shooting in tough weather conditions, it can be even harder. According to Robert Eggers, the director of The Northman, directing in these conditions is an insane job.

“I’m sure these shots are harder to get if you’re shooting it outside in tough weather instead of controlling the soundbar,” Eggers said. “But that’s part of the challenge and what makes it so fun.”

Eggers went on to say that the cast and crew have to be prepared for anything when shooting in tough weather conditions. “You just never know what’s going to happen,” he said. “The wind might die down for a minute, or it might pick up and start blowing things around.”

Despite the challenges, Eggers says that he enjoys shooting in tough weather because it provides an opportunity to capture something unique on film. “It’s always interesting to see how people react when they’re faced with challenging situations,” he said. “And I think that comes through in the performances.”

Is that how you work with actors now that she worked in theater before becoming a film director?

As a film director, Robert Eggers often works with actors who have experience in theater. This is because Eggers believes that theater training can be helpful for actors when it comes to film acting.

Eggers says that theater actors are usually more disciplined and have more control over their craft. They also tend to be more open to direction and willing to take risks. This all makes them ideal candidates for Eggers’ films, which often require emotionally complex performances.

While Eggers enjoys working with theater-trained actors, he also believes that there is no one right way to work with them. Every actor is different and so each must be approached uniquely. Ultimately, the goal is always to get the best performance out of each actor.

Because he had to hit such specific marks, was he frustrated?

In the end, it was a lot to handle.

“I think that’s what makes it so hard the fact that you’re trying to do something in such small amounts of time. You have to hit these marks, and they’re all over the place, and they’re too big or too small. It’s very stressful!”

What’s it like working with Alexander Skarsgard? This is a berserk level I’ve never seen before. I think it’s cute.

What’s it like working with Alexander Skarsgard? This is a berserk level I’ve never seen before. I think it’s cute. He talks about monsters and death all the time and he’s always laughing and joking around with everyone on set. He’s very funny in person too I think you’ll find that out when you meet him!

The thing is: Alexander is one of those actors who will do anything for his art; he doesn’t care if it means sacrificing his own comfort or personal life because he doesn’t want to miss out on any opportunities that might come along later the line (if there ever will be a “later down this road,” anyway). And when we filmed our last scene together… well… let me just say that we didn’t have much time left over between takes so we had no choice but to try something new for once and boy did Alexander deliver!

How much did you invest in the box office proceeds of this film?

“It’s a pretty insane process that I’m still getting my head around,” Eggers told the Los Angeles Times in 2018. “I think it’s the most important film I’ve ever done, but also one of the most difficult.”

The director had to make a lot of decisions about where his money should go and how much each decision would affect his budget and what he could spend on set. He used some of that money to pay actors extra for their time in Iceland (which helps explain why they look so crazy) but also went over his initial budget by $100,000 because there were more locations than expected and some extras had to be hired again after shooting wrapped. The result: A hit movie that made more than $70 million at theaters globally (more than twice as much as its budget).


Robert Eggers has created an incredible fantasy-horror film with The Northman, and his dedication to the project is certainly commendable. His experience in directing this movie has taught him a great deal about working on films of this caliber and he now knows what it takes to make these types of movies successful. With Robert Egger’s insights into the process of directing such an ambitious movie as The Northman, aspiring filmmakers can take away invaluable lessons from his journey.

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