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Can A Laptop Be Tracked After a Factory Reset?

Can A Laptop Be Tracked After a Factory Reset?

In secret agent movies, a few clicks can get you to the area of your missing item. It is partly authentic if your laptop computer is misplaced or stolen. A laptop computer could be tracked after a manufacturing facility reset only if its area monitoring used to become on. It is a frequent query that could pop into your head.

Unfortunately, you can’t music your laptop computer after a manufacturing unit reset via Find My PC. However, if you’ve mounted anti-theft software programs like Computrace, there is hope. It is embedded in BIOS firmware and can be returned to your laptop.

Windows 10 has the confined capability to discover a device, and that too solely if it is not a manufacturing facility restored. It additionally has different boundaries, like it can’t erase the records in the laptop nor allow the front camera.

However, if Windows 10 is no longer re-installed but there is hope. You can tune your laptop computer using the Find My PC option. Also, if you are an Apple MacBook user, iCloud can exhibit the ultimate vicinity it has been on while connected. You can’t do a great deal after MacBook statistics are erased.

Track a Laptop After Factory Reset

The anti-theft software program is an excellent way to improve a stolen or misplaced laptop. However, the query stays that can a laptop computer be tracked after a manufacturing facility reset? Without altering the laptop computer, the possibility of discovering it is minimum.

So far, Computrace Lojack is your friendly wager to discover your laptop computer again. It is a monitoring software program used by using many for theft recovery. The excellent information is many laptops like Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Toshiba have it embedded into the firmware of their models.

Computrace lets you erase files, remotely lock, and quickly come across your laptop computer. You solely want to allow it in the BIOS, and the laptop computer will ship you a sign as soon as it is linked to the internet.

You can get admission to your linked device’s area via the monitoring core of Computrace. Also, in case of a manufacturing unit reset, it will redownload itself. You can additionally talk with your gadget via SMS service.

Simple Steps to Activate Computrace

If your laptop computer has this software program in-built into its firmware, then it is handy to allow it.

  1. Turn on your laptop. If your laptop computer is already on, restart it.
  2. Press the F2 key as the laptop computer emblem seems on the screen.
  3. It will open BIOS, so scroll down and click on Security.
  4. Now, pick out Computrace(R) given as the safest option.
  5. Once you have clicked on it, please activate it and let it be as such.
  6. The anti-theft software program is consequently started on your laptop. You can also test whether your laptop computer has prior Computrace software.
  7. Know If Your Laptop Has Computrace
  8. It takes less than a minute to determine if your laptop computer or PC has Computrace. It will pay you off as it can song a laptop computer after a manufacturing unit reset when all else fails.
  9. Click on Ctrl + Shift + Esc on your laptop computer keyboard.
  10. It will open Windows Task Manager.
  11. Select the Services tab as soon as the mission supervisor is open.
  12. It will exhibit a listing of all the offerings walking on your laptop.
  13. To make the search easier, click on Name to alphabetize the list.
  14. Please scroll down the listing cautiously; it seems to be for rpcnet.exe.
  15. If you spot it, then locate Computrace written in its description. It indicates that your laptop computer already has this software.

How to Install Computrace on Laptop?

You are convinced that Computrace is the last anti-theft software program however need help locating it on your laptop. You can install it as a choice and revel in the identical perks. You will want to install it as an administrator.

  1. Signup on to the Absolute internet site and log in to the net portal.
  2. Click on Agent Management.
  3. Then choose Download Full Agent Installer to download it.
  4. Install and confirm your device, and yothe u are suitable to go.
  5. Track a Laptop Before Factory Reset
  6. If your laptop computer has the Find My PC choice, you can tune it down. But it doesn’t work if the laptop computer has a challenging reset. You can attempt in hopes that it still needs to be restored to the manufacturing unit.

For Windows 10

  1. Sign in to your Microsoft Account, particularly for devices.
  2. Click on the Find My Device option.
  3. Now, click on the system you desire to locate and pick Find.
  4. It will provide you with the region of your chosen machine (administrator only).
  5. You can similarly lock the device by deciding on Lock and Next after pinpointing your system on a map.
  6. Moreover, you can pick to trade the passwords on the gadget for delivered safety till you attain your device.

For MacBook

  1. Open the Find My app on any different Apple device.
  2. You can additionally get entry to it after signing in to iCloud.
  3. Select your MacBook to view it on the map.
  4. If your laptop computer is nearby, you can set it to make a sound. So it is effortless to detect.
  5. If your MacBook is stolen, you must file it to Apple using the device’s serial number.
  6. Can a laptop computer be tracked with an IP tackle or Mac address?
  7. IP addresses and mac addresses can be tracked with the aid of an exceptional software program that is now not effortlessly accessible. Also, it is solely in case your laptop computer is reconnected to the internet.
  8. Specific prior settings can ping you if the laptop computer is related again. But it is hard to comprehend the bodily area of a device. Also, a VPN can, without difficulty, mask the net IP of your laptop. So, a laptop computer can’t be tracked after a manufacturing unit reset.

How to secure your laptop from hackers?

Despite laptop hackers, most organizations count numbers on the web to music their financials, order and preserve inventory, habit advertising, and marketing and PR campaigns, join with customers, interact in social media, and operate different crucial operations. Yet we hear about substantial laptop breaches, even at large companies with solid protection measures.

Small companies are also regularly centered, mainly because they may underestimate the chance of cybercrime and need more sources to rent high-priced cybersecurity solutions.

Follow these pointers to shield your units and guard your touchy data:

1. Use a firewall.

Windows and macOS have built-in firewalls – software programs designed to create a barrier between your statistics and the outdoor world. Firewalls stop unauthorized get entry into your enterprise community and alert you to any intrusion attempts.

Make positive the firewall is enabled earlier than you go online. You can buy a hardware firewall from corporations such as Cisco, Sophos, or Fortinet, relying on your broadband router, which additionally has a built-in firewall that protects your network. You can buy an additional enterprise networking firewall if you have a large business.

2. Install antivirus software.

Computer viruses and malware are everywhere. Antivirus packages such as Bitdefender, Panda Free Antivirus, Malwarebytes, and Avast guard your pc against unauthorized code or software programs that may also threaten your working system. Viruses may also have easy-to-spot consequences – for example, they would sluggish your laptop or delete key documents – or they might be much less conspicuous.

The antivirus software program primarily defends your machine by detecting real-time threats to ensure your facts are safe. Some special antivirus packages furnish automatic updates and protect your laptop from the new viruses that emerge daily. After installing an antivirus program, remember to use it. Run or agenda everyday virus scans to maintain your pc virus-free.


Without anti-theft software, there is no hope of getting a better laptop after a manufacturing unit reset. Conversely, Computrace can give you time and cash to monitor the computer. It is quality to take precautions until now for any such incident.

Can I music on my laptop computer with Google?

Yes, you can music on your laptop computer with Google Maps if it goes online. In case your laptop computer is misplaced or stolen, you can Sign-In into your Google Account and song it if you have retrieving techniques already set up.

Can a laptop computer be tracked via a serial number?

No, a serial quantity is now inadequate for music on your laptop computer, amongst many others. Mac addresses or serial numbers are hardware. So they do now not assist in discovering the bodily region of a laptop computer after a manufacturing unit reset.

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