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Seven Benefits of Providing Sales Training on Mobile Apps

Seven Benefits of Providing Sales Training on Mobile Apps

What do you think about providing your sales team with an application which is a product knowledge-building tool and a sales guide? Your sales team will have up-to-date product information available at any time and anywhere.

Providing the best sales training by using an application that allows its users to access eLearning content quickly and seamlessly is the foremost step to increasing the profits of any organization.

As we all know, an increase in sales adds to the success of any business. Thus, every organization invests in continuous learning of new skills to address the ever-changing challenges of sales productivity. Providing the right and best training to your sales team can be a game-changer in the success of any organization. Here, the use of mobile training apps plays a vital role in keeping your sales representatives updated all the time.

Sales teams are moving towards mobile applications to fulfilling their training needs. These mobile applications help the sales team learn approach strategies and motivate them for performing with more productivity. With the help of the right sales training, the sales representative can make better selling decisions. 

Using mobile applications for a training sales team 

A mobile application enables the sales team to access the online training material on the go. The creation of such an application requires collaboration among the different departments, such as – training, marketing, and sales team. A lot of organizations are using mobile applications for branding, training, engaging their clients, managing their day-to-day work, improving proficiency, increasing profitability, etc.

Even today, many companies are still using the traditional method of training, with a pen-paper approach, training the sales team in a room, distributing paper training material, showing slides, generating reports manually, etc. This process is time-consuming and can become irritating as sometimes when reports are generated manually, they could be inaccurate and the process to report to the management slows drastically. As a result, decision-making gets delayed.

Let’s look at how providing sales training on mobile applications can benefit organizations:

1)  Accessibility

The use of mobile applications for providing sales training lets the teams have consistent and seamless training that can be taken at their convenience. Sales training mobile application is vital for businesses where sales representatives are on move all the time. The mobile applications offer on-the-go training and help sales representatives. When the online training material can be accessed without any trouble, the sales team feels encouraged to try and sell more. 

Additionally, it is not always possible for the sales representatives to take the training during working hours. In such a situation, giving offline access to the online training material will be beneficial. With offline access to the training material, the sales team can have 24×7 access to the content.

2)  Affordability

Providing sales training on mobiles is less expensive than training in the traditional way. You will have to spend once for getting the application created and then you can use that application for training multiple sales representatives. However, in traditional training the cost is continuous. Thus, providing sales training on mobile applications is a more feasible option for new, small, or medium businesses.

3)  Better Communication & Team Collaboration

Cloud-based mobile training applications support feedback and teamwork that increases sales profitability and productivity. The users of the application are encouraged to ask questions and share insights openly. 

Mobile applications support conversations between your company and customers, along with conversations with employees within your company. Your sales team plays a crucial role in the growth of your company. Improved collaboration helps in making faster decisions. The features of mobile applications, like – discussion forums, push notifications, feedback engines, etc, encourage the sales team to collaborate and communicate with each other.

4)  Gamification Features

Mobile learning will be more fun with added game elements or gamification features in the online training content. The use of this feature will motivate the sales team to get engaged with the content and earn rewards, badges, points, etc. 

Mobile training can be made even more fun by tying physical rewards on best-performing teams on training modules and assessments. Once you will gamify the training content for your sales team, you will find a significant increase in competitiveness, which will lead to better sales.

5)  Update content on a Cloud-based platform

This feature is very important in providing updated online training material to your sales team. To get the best out of your sales professionals, you need to provide up-to-date information at any given time. 

The cloud-based delivery platform is where you can make changes on the cloud and all your sales representatives will be able to access that updated information. This will help your sales team in providing the latest information to your clients. One of the major factors of cloud-based mobile learning is that you will be able to save a lot of time and money, which you would not have been able to do in traditional training methods where printing of course material will be required every time there are any changes made.

6)  Analytical Insights

Data analysis is of utmost importance to gauge the success of sales training on mobile applications. Mobile applications for sales training that can analyze and measure your sales team’s success and areas of strengths and weaknesses can help you improve the quality of sales online training content. 

You can get detailed reports that can be reviewed regularly for better planning and improving the employee’s performance. This feature in your mobile application training can also provide analysis on low productivity areas, creating an opportunity to improve eLearning content and ensure its relevance.

7)  Increased Efficiency

Better planning creates a confident sales team. Mobile applications provide a way to perform better in the field in situations like – taking orders, providing on-spot information to clients, marking attendance, updating leaves, etc. We all know, the quicker the clients get the information they need about the product, the more positivity, and confidence of the client increase in you and your company. The mobile applications enable the sales representatives to send product information immediately to the client by email or via other channels.

8)  Conclusion 

The days of paper signing and door-to-door selling are gone. Closing a deal using mobile applications will streamline the entire sales process, and planning and signing the deal will be just a finger swipe away. Sales professionals are required to be well-versed in the features of the product they are selling. By providing sales training on mobile applications, you can build the confidence of your sales team as they will have the information they need to close the deal.

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