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Age of Apes Coins Generator

Age of Apes Coins Generator

If you are an Age of Apes fan and have been wondering how to get the most from the game, then you have come to the right place. Here you will learn about the best ways to earn coins.


Age of apes is a free-to-play MMO strategy game. There are many in-game mechanics and factors to consider when playing. Here are some tips to make your game more fun and challenging.

The main thing to do is to get all your troops home. You can use the free teleportation to save time. However, you should also be sure to build up your scout monkeys. Also, you should always check out the nearby regions. If you do this regularly, you will be able to gather some hidden treasures.

Some of the other things to do include collecting iron foods, uranium, and rockets. These items are often found on war-torn planets. They are useful for building weapons and improving your monkeys.

Another useful thing to do is train new troops. This way, you will be able to assemble an army. Having an army will allow you to defend yourself from Mutant Monkeys. It will also be easier to deal with opponents in PvP and PvE.


If you’re looking for a new MMO game, you might want to try out Age of Apes. This game is an action and strategy game in which you build a city, recruit monkeys, and battle other players.

It also comes with advanced technology, modern weapons, and a great storyline. For beginners, here are some tips on playing the game.

There are plenty of ways to obtain resources for free. In particular, you can use the Age of Apes Hacks to get a lot of Iron Food, discs, and batteries.

The best way to get more resources is to scout for more than one source. You can do this by scouting for an enemy’s weak spots and then building a fleet based on those weaknesses.

The Age of Apes Cheat Engine allows you to break into a free coin server, but you must be careful. While this is not an illegal method, it may severely affect your enjoyment of the game.

Specter’s army of apes

In this game, you play as the young boy Spike, who is trying to save the world from Specter, a monkey who wants to replace mankind with his simian society. Besides collecting Specter Coins, you can also unlock minigames and buy prizes.

The game is a 3D platformer and the story revolves around a rogue albino monkey, named specter, who commands an army of apes. This army was built to overthrow mankind and take over the world.

Specter’s army of apes has a range of different personalities, some of which are aggressive and timid. Some have guns, others can throw banana peels, and some are just incredibly shy.

Specter’s army is led by a ruthless monkey called Specter. Specter has gained rare psychic powers from a helmet he wears, a device that gives him increased intelligence.

Creating a base for some monkeys

The Age of the Apes is a video game where players must construct structures to defend themselves. These structures have beneficial impacts and are necessary to complete the level. If you want to win this game, it is important that you have a strong army.

As you play, you will need to use a variety of items, such as uranium, to build the various structures. Uranium is a substance that can be found in the war-torn world. This can provide the energy that is needed for the rocket to launch. There are many places where the uranium is scattered, so it is important that you collect it. Once you have a good amount of uranium, you can begin to build the base. In order to start building the base, you need to create two structures.

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