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8 features that your LMS should have for a better sales training experience

8 features that your LMS should have for a better sales training experience

The world of sales is complex. Any experienced sales representative will accept that training is an important factor in their impeccable performance. In modern times, most companies prefer learning management systems or LMSs to train their sales team for the convenience, flexibility, and engagement that these systems offer.

However, it is important to note that not every LMS in the market is an ideal LMS for sales training. To make sure that the sales training is effective, it is important to find the right LMS. While looking for the ideal tool, there are certain features that you should consider. Here are some of those features;

Built-in Video Conferencing

One of the biggest concerns that come with online training is that it lacks the comfort and engagement of in-person training. Video conferencing, however, can imitate the perks of in-person training to some extent. For a sales training program, an LMS with built-in video conferencing features has some very significant advantages. These advantages can help elevate the overall experience of a sales training session.

Some of the advantages include;

  • Video conferencing can stimulate environments that imitate real life. This will help the sales representatives implement what they have learned during their training sessions.
  • The training sessions offered through video conferencing can simulate in-person training and help online learners develop their problem-solving skills.
  • Video conferencing can help cut down the costs of in-person training.
  • It can help eliminate the limitations of time and location of the training sessions.
  • It can also help improve the learners’ listening and communication skills which are pretty essential for sales representatives.


LMSs that offer integrations with other systems, software, and platforms are especially beneficial for a sales team training program. There are many essential systems that are needed to be integrated with the learning management system to help sales representatives, as online learners, understand the training better.

For example, during work hours, almost all sales representatives are continuously logged into the CRM system or the Customer Relationship Management system. This system works as a virtual bridge between the sales reps and the customers. When the CRM system is integrated with the existing LMS, it can be very beneficial for the sales team. The sales reps can learn through the LMS and directly implement the learning in their sales dealings. The learning paths of the learners can run in sync with the sales process. At every stage of the sales process, continuous learning from the LMS can help the sales reps make smoother closings of the deals.

xAPI integrations with the LMSs are also essential for a better sales training experience. An LMS integrated with API can help you track the number of different activities outside the LMS itself, making the learning experience limitless.

Live chat and other social interaction

One of the most important skills of a sales professional is the ability to interact effectively with customers. Thus it is important that interaction is an active part of the sales training process. A learning management system that has built-in live chat options and other interactive platforms can be beneficial for sales training. An LMS with such features can encourage online learners to interact with each other and effectively communicate with their peers. This can be good practice for them to be implemented later at work. Live chat features of a sales LMS can also help the instructors communicate with the learners more effectively. It can elevate the overall experience of sales training.


Human beings love to compete. As much as humans are capable of working with their peers as a team to achieve common goals, they also have the tendency to make their own mark as well. This psychological trait of humans can be used to increase productivity and engagement by incorporating some healthy competition into sales training programs.

To effectively do this in a harmless way, gamification can be one of the best ways. LMSs that ideally provide the benefit of gamification features let you gamify your online training courses. You can also incorporate badges and reward points into your courses that will be awarded to the learner on completion of the course.

Customizable learning paths

Considering all the factors of a corporate learner including their level of experience in the industry, their learning capabilities, and their grasping styles, each one of them will need a uniquely customized learning path. For example, the learning path for a previously experienced sales representative will be different than for a fresher that has just joined the sales industry. Even though the basics will be the same and the training needs to be standard for consistency in work, every learner will learn differently. Thus, it is important to have an LMS that will provide you with the features to create these customized learning paths. This will lead the training programs to be more personalized and thus fulfilling for the learners. The tailor-made learning paths also make the training more relatable for online learners, keeping engagement high.

Mobile responsiveness

We are now living in a world where a majority of the population has access to mobile phones. From surfing the internet to shopping, people have started using mobile phones for everything. It is now the primary means of essential everyday operations. So, an effective sales online training program should be mobile responsive as well. An LMS that is mobile-friendly is an absolute necessity now. Because naturally, many online learners might prefer accessing the eLearning content from their mobile devices.

Mobile responsiveness of the LMS is also important as it can give a flair of flexibility and freedom to the training program. Learners, especially the Gen Z workforce that loves multitasking and learning things on the go, can benefit from mobile responsive LMS.

Progress tracking

Tracking the progress of the learners is an essential part of any training program. To make sure that the program is actually working, tracking progress is important too. This ensures that the training is not a waste of resources. Thus for a better sales training experience, your LMS should have progress tracking and analytics features.


Sales teams are one of the most valuable assets for any company since they are at the forefront. These are the employees who directly communicate with the customers and bring in the revenue that the business thrives on. Thus, sales training is an essential part of any successful business that includes sales. And to make that happen, it is essential to find the right kind of LMS with features that can make the learning experience smoother and more effective.

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